03 August 2009

Umeda Erika Leaves C-ute/H!P

According to hello-online.org's post, Umeda Erika will be leaving H!P to pursue studies in fashion on October 25th, the end of their tour. Interesting. It's possible. She's beautiful. Does it make sense? No. Do think this was planned? I don't know. They say she's leaving on her own accord. But Kanna just left! I don't have much to say on this topic except "Dang". Maybe they were best friends since they were the least looked at/appreciated in the group? But that doesn't make sense either. Ume was Leader before Yajima... And they say she gave it over to Yaji. She couldn't handle it or something. BULL! I think they gave it to Yaji because she was getting the group more sales & then they put Umechan in the back. What a waste! She got hardly any lines even though she's been there for just as long as the rest of the group. But she's not alone. Look at Nakki, Chisa, Mai (and Kanna before she left)! It's like they're backup singers. I know, it's been said before. Whatever. I'm not a HUGE C-ute fan. I still LOVE them but let's face it; Berryz Koubou & even Buono is better than C-ute. Well, good luck to you Umeda. Wish you the best of luck! I'm glad she is getting a proper graduation.

What is H!P coming to?


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