18 August 2009

ガーディアンズ 4 - School Days

Okay. I have very strong opinions on this single. But firstly, the new single is titled "School Days". It's got a cutesy feeling to it. Upbeat. OverTheTop cute. So cute that I can't like it. I am not sure what it is about. I cannot stand it SO much that I refuse to listen to the words. The PV has a nice feel to it though. As much as I dread the song, I enjoy the video. The setting is nice. It's like they're in the school and chilling in the courtyard in stuff. Cool. Also, their cool blue uniforms are so pretty and in the dance shot they look so nice because the background compliments their uniforms' color very well. Another crazy, exciting, SURPRISING thing is that I don't hate Risako's voice in this song. It's actually bearable. (I don't think she's a bad singer. This will also be discussed in a later post). One more thing to say about this video. This video has more substance to it than RakkiHappi Omakase Guardian and looks a bit less . . . how should I say this? Looks a lot less plastic and low-budget than their first single. It's a bit critical and insulting but I actually like the cheap-look in the last video. Ha, okay. That's just me being an *A*hole. I'm kidding about it looking cheap.

Conclusion: PV is great, song is horrible. But I am sure it will grow on me once I listen to the words.


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  1. I definately like this pv better than their last pv. But I like their last song A LOT better than this one.

    And I agree "PV is great, song is horrible".