24 August 2009

℃-ute - EVERYDAY 絶好調 single & PV

Upon hearing this song for the first few times, I couldn't even listen to the whole thing. I thought it sounded a bit... done. This type of song has been done before. Seeing the PV has made me like the song. But I don't love it. The PV is actually very nice. They are dancing in a very nice location. On a rooftop. Nice. BUT this video is just like "Bye Bye Bye". It's mostly a dance shot with some closeups of two girls at a time. Just like their "Bye Bye Bye" PV. I also feel that the video is a bit repetitive... in the sense that it has been done before. It reminds me SO much of SweetS' PVs. Such as: "Love Raspberry Juice","Mienai Tsubasa", "Sky". Why? Their music videos were basically dance shots with closeups. BUT what makes SweetS' music videos BETTER than many hello project videos is the videos had storylines, closeups, AND a dance shot. A REAL music video. Not just closeups and a dance shot. Without a story line in a music video, it makes me feel that song was nonsense and doesn't really matter because the person directing the video couldn't even come up with a simple story line for the PV. See what I mean?

One more thing to say about this single. IF THIS IS UME-CHAN'S LAST SINGLE AND PV AND...WHATEVER, WHY WAS THIS SONG AIRI & MAIMI WITH BACKUP DANCERS? AGAIN?!! It's very annoying. I'm going to miss Erika and she couldn't even go out with a bang! How will anyone remember her when her last single was THIS... *sigh* it angers me a little.

How do you feel about the PV? Do you think that it is a bit unoriginal? What about Umeda Erika's departure from H!P? Do you think it was fair that she hardly got any lines even in her last single? Also do you think it is fair that she hasn't been in any subgroups since ZYX?


18 August 2009

ガーディアンズ 4 - School Days

Okay. I have very strong opinions on this single. But firstly, the new single is titled "School Days". It's got a cutesy feeling to it. Upbeat. OverTheTop cute. So cute that I can't like it. I am not sure what it is about. I cannot stand it SO much that I refuse to listen to the words. The PV has a nice feel to it though. As much as I dread the song, I enjoy the video. The setting is nice. It's like they're in the school and chilling in the courtyard in stuff. Cool. Also, their cool blue uniforms are so pretty and in the dance shot they look so nice because the background compliments their uniforms' color very well. Another crazy, exciting, SURPRISING thing is that I don't hate Risako's voice in this song. It's actually bearable. (I don't think she's a bad singer. This will also be discussed in a later post). One more thing to say about this video. This video has more substance to it than RakkiHappi Omakase Guardian and looks a bit less . . . how should I say this? Looks a lot less plastic and low-budget than their first single. It's a bit critical and insulting but I actually like the cheap-look in the last video. Ha, okay. That's just me being an *A*hole. I'm kidding about it looking cheap.

Conclusion: PV is great, song is horrible. But I am sure it will grow on me once I listen to the words.


10 August 2009

Jasmine You of Versailles Passes Away

No, this is not Jpop news but it is important. Also, since Jrock was my first love, this is just as important.

R.I.P. Jasmine You

We will forever miss you.

9 August 2009. Jasmine You, bassist of Versailles, passes away. He announced to fans that he was ill and would be taking some time off to hopefully recover. The official website announced yesterday that he had died. The causes of his death will be released when Jasmine's family consents. Being such a shock to the band, their future activities will be postponed for an undefined amount of time.

No one expected this. It's all to sudden. We wish the best to his bandmates, family, and friends. Versailles just isn't Versailles without every member. What to do now?

R.I.P. Jasmine You. We love you.

03 August 2009

PERFUME - I Still Love U

I Still Love U - Perfume

Ah... I love Perfume! What a nice song. SO relaxing to me. Even more so than PSPS. And the PV is so cute! Ah Kashiyuka!!!!! Tottemo kawaii desu ne? I haven't really listened to the lyrics yet and since I am not fluent in Japanese it'll take me a while to get what its about. But I like the video. Their sound is a bit different in this song and . . . I like that. They look so happy in the video, no? I don't think it'll do as well as past hits. But its okay ^_^


Umeda Erika Leaves C-ute/H!P

According to hello-online.org's post, Umeda Erika will be leaving H!P to pursue studies in fashion on October 25th, the end of their tour. Interesting. It's possible. She's beautiful. Does it make sense? No. Do think this was planned? I don't know. They say she's leaving on her own accord. But Kanna just left! I don't have much to say on this topic except "Dang". Maybe they were best friends since they were the least looked at/appreciated in the group? But that doesn't make sense either. Ume was Leader before Yajima... And they say she gave it over to Yaji. She couldn't handle it or something. BULL! I think they gave it to Yaji because she was getting the group more sales & then they put Umechan in the back. What a waste! She got hardly any lines even though she's been there for just as long as the rest of the group. But she's not alone. Look at Nakki, Chisa, Mai (and Kanna before she left)! It's like they're backup singers. I know, it's been said before. Whatever. I'm not a HUGE C-ute fan. I still LOVE them but let's face it; Berryz Koubou & even Buono is better than C-ute. Well, good luck to you Umeda. Wish you the best of luck! I'm glad she is getting a proper graduation.

What is H!P coming to?