19 July 2009

Morning Musume New Single - Nanchatte Renai

なんちゃって恋愛 - Morning Musume

How do I like this new single? It's awesome! The style is so different for them. Sort of like Shouganai Yume Oibito. It is slower and less genki tone than other songs of theirs. Seeing the preview for the PV made me very excited! The outfits are very sexy but formal in this. They all look so beautiful and full of life! *Takahashi Ai* -melts- What a woman would give to . . .

So I was having a conversation with my friend about this song. She is a determined h!p fan, such as myself, and she thinks that the Korean pop groups are starting to get to MoMusu. Rather, starting to get to Tsunku. She said the song still has the Tsunku touch to it but it's not their norm. They go in so quickly to RAP in the song. Maybe she's not used to Korean music and she's unknowingly putting it down some. This is all what she said.

I had to agree on some points. I also enjoy Jpop more than Kpop. I am also kind of a... different kind of fan girl than normal. Getting back on topic: I don't think that groups such as 2NE1 & SNSD/Girls Generation are getting to major Jpop groups. I just think it's the song. Which is great BTW! I think this song will be just a bit different from their other songs.

What do you think? Do you like the message of the song? Think about these things carefully...


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