03 August 2009

PERFUME - I Still Love U

I Still Love U - Perfume

Ah... I love Perfume! What a nice song. SO relaxing to me. Even more so than PSPS. And the PV is so cute! Ah Kashiyuka!!!!! Tottemo kawaii desu ne? I haven't really listened to the lyrics yet and since I am not fluent in Japanese it'll take me a while to get what its about. But I like the video. Their sound is a bit different in this song and . . . I like that. They look so happy in the video, no? I don't think it'll do as well as past hits. But its okay ^_^



  1. Ah, Perfume is love ^_^
    Just to let you know- this is like a promotion for their Triangle Album, not a single (unfortunately!)

  2. I really love this name I Still Love U - Perfume....Thanks for sharing your information with us....