02 March 2010

モニング娘。 ベスト

Ranked by favoritism. But seriously.. I can't pick who is my top favorite (Ai, Eri, LinLin) so I just put asterisks by their names. 愛ちゃん and エリリン would be number 1, while エリリン and リンちゃん are number 2. Get it?



Risa is in the right place. れいにゃ and ジュンコ were a bit of a problem. They're not my favorites but I like them a lot. And they remind me of each other. To me, they both have a sort of ヤンキイ attitude but still 可愛い at the same time. So if it were possible, れいな and ジュンジュン would both be 5.