18 July 2009

1st Post

I am very excited. Why? I just read some stories, watched some videos, and looked at some pictures from AX09 with MoMusu! モーニング娘ガ 大好き! That always gives me a burst of happiness. I did not attend but I still like feeling like I was present although I was not. For example, I still look at pictures and videos from the NYAF08 to this day. & I was actually there. It just makes me excited. I love anime conventions! I cannot wait for the upcoming one. I am very very full of anxiety even though it is in 2 months >_< Hmm. Why else am I so PUMPED? @ 1:45 in the morning? I am practicing my dance covers in my head. BTW, my YouTube account username is "imaniface". I have 12 videos up so far. I think 8 of them are dancing. I am excited even more! For one more reason: I have just heard most of the upcoming H!P album "Chanpuru ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~". I had a little preview party for myself. FUN! Well, more posts will be up sooner than you can pronounce supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with a japanese accent!

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